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40 years up for Clark Windows

Clark Windows

As Tasmania’s Clark Windows reflects on a remarkable forty years in business, the company bittersweetly celebrates the retirement of the brand’s namesake, Craig and Sandra Clark.

As a premier window and door specialist, Clark Windows is a statewide business that boasts three factories with showrooms and a fleet of Isuzu trucks that carry the weight of the company’s transport operations.

Craig and Sandra’s main focus throughout their years was building fruitful relationships with their retail and wholesale customers.

“There’s so much about the place that we’ll miss—the customer interactions, the people, and the development of our young individuals,” Sandra says.

Image: Isuzu Australia/Supplied

Their desire to form strong bonds extended to suppliers, including a collaboration with Webster Trucks, ensuring the Isuzu feet continues to provide superior service.

Clark Windows proudly presents a modern fleet of nine medium-duty Isuzu trucks, five FRR 110-240s, an FRR 107-210, an NQR 87-190, an NPR 65-190, and an NPR 300.

Each model has been chosen for the safety and comfort for the team and specified for the task of window and door installation throughout Tasmania, putting chain of responsibility requirements and weight overloading behind them.

“Once we graduated past utes and into trucks, we always went with the Isuzu brand. They’ve never put a foot wrong so there was never any need to go anywhere else,” he says.

Their capable FRR 110-240s include an extra-long wheelbase and sport a GVM of 11,000 kilograms and two pedal automated manual transmissions, making for a comfortable drive.

Powered by a four-cylinder and 16-valve SOHC engine, the Isuzu N-4HK1-TCH offers plenty of grunt for carting weighty glass around.

Image: Isuzu Australia/Supplied

The company’s three versatile medium wheelbase NQR and NPRs nip around on the smaller jobs, with an impressive turning circle of 12.4 m suiting the tighter sites around Hobart and Launceston.

“We can’t believe the difference in comfort over the years,” Sandra says.

“I almost feel like the drivers are almost spoiled these days, which is a good thing as they work so hard!”

As Craig and Sandra walk away from Clark Windows, they are pleased to hand over the business to a pair of brothers who have worked there for many years.

As his time at the business draws to close, Craig reflects on his commitment to the company.

“You have to try to make it the best possible quality, and if anything doesn’t turn out absolutely correct, rectify it as fast as possible to keep your customer happy,” he says.

“Thankfully we learned the hard lessons early, met the right people, and now we’re proud to produce thousands of windows every year.”

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