About Us


Owner//Driver was established in 1992 as a national newspaper ‘Dedicated to the Success of the Person Behind the Wheel’ – a purpose proudly printed on its front cover since the very first issue.

Its target is the people – male and female, big and small operators, long and short haulers, farmers, builders, taxi-truck drivers – who own or drive trucks and form the backbone of Australia’s massive road transport sector.

Owner//Driver's tightly focused editorial, underpinned by its close relationship with this audience, reflects the special needs and characteristics of this target market.

Based on its hard-hitting coverage of the news and issues that effect the industry, and profiles of the characters and companies that contribute to its world-class reputation, to the best technical updates, truck and van tests, and columnists tackling the big issues about what really happens on the road, the monthly newspaper is a must-read.

This powerful market position is reflected in its position as the biggest-circulating truck publication in Australia (September 2014 CAB audited circulation: 37,118.) Employing our own team of distributors working out of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth ensures Owner//Driver gets to the right places across Australia.

So when you want to get your message to the greatest number of truck operators across Australia, size matters. And Owner//Driver has the size that counts across Australia.

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