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Adelaide driver takes the win in UD economy challenge

UD has announced a winner in its Extra Mile Challenge with Steve Gould from Adelaide taking the gong thanks to sharp skills behind the wheel placing him in top spot ahead of 11 other local drivers in the global competition.

The competition is driver-skill based and tests drivers across several key areas, aiming to demonstrate how improvements in driver behaviour can translate to safer driving, improved fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on vehicles.

Gould proved to be the driver with the highest percentage increase in performance over the 12 week competition. The plan was for the winner to travel to UD Trucks headquarters in Ageo, Japan to compete in the Extra Mile Challenge Global final. However due to the pandemic a virtual ceremony will take place to award all local winners from across the globe.

The local Australian competition ran for 12 weeks, with drivers hand-picked by UD Trucks’ customers to compete in the challenge. 12 drivers from three UD Trucks dealerships participated across Australia, supported by dedicated dealership Fuel Watch Managers.

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Drivers were monitored through the course of the competition via the truck’s telematics system, with the winner determined by the highest positive percentage change in driver score across the competition. The UD Telematics system measures driver’s against anticipation and braking, engine and gear utilisation, speed adaptation and standstill to produce an overall ‘Driver’s score.’

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Gould managed a 230% increase on his original starting position, and finished the 12 weeks with the highest average driver’s score of 89 out of 100, demonstrating his learnings in efficient driving practices and maintaining them consistently.

Throughout the competition, Gould had regular check-ins with his Fuel Watch Manager, Chris Moar from South Central Truck & Bus in Adelaide.

“We had several conversations where I was able to use the data I had from the truck’s telematics system to update Steve on his progress. We also talked about the best ways to improve in the various areas, so he could consistently improve his score and maintain safe and fuel efficient driving practices.”

Gould’s driver’s score wasn’t the only improvement that his employer – B&D Crane Trucks – saw over the course of the competition.

“We have already found the new Quons in our fleet to be fuel-efficient trucks. I’m delighted to see the improvements that can be made to increase that saving even further,” said Bob Miller, owner of B&D Crane Trucks.

“Not to mention considered driving improves road safety for all users.”

The Extra Mile Challenge is run by UD Trucks International and supported by markets around the world, including Australia, challenging drivers in the local qualifying rounds to continuously improve their performance.

While the live streamed virtual ceremony will be hosted in Japan, Steve Gould will be celebrating his win with South Central Truck & Bus and UD Truck representatives in Adelaide in March.

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