The road transport industry forms the backbone of the Australian economy. Some 47,000 hire-and-reward trucking companies, employing a fleet of half a million trucks and 250,000 staff, are responsible for carrying three-quarters of the nation’s domestic freight, including every item on the supermarket shelves.

They also play a critical role in moving Australia’s ever-expanding international air and sea freight around the country.

The road transport industry also ranks among the fastest-growing sectors of the Australian economy.

Freight volumes carried by road jumped by almost 65 percent between 1996-97 and 2006-07 and total industry employment expanded by nearly 30 percent between 1998 and 2008.

This rapid growth is set to continue on the back of a forecast doubling of domestic road freight volumes beween 2008 and 2030 as well as continued expansion of international freight volumes.

Driving this growth will be readers of Australia’s largest-circulating trucking magazine, the owner-drivers and small fleet operators that account for 60 percent of businesses in the road transport industry.

It is these operators that will underpin record investment across the sector, in trucks, trailers, tyres and wheels, parts and accessories, fuels and lubricants, finance and insurance, technology, recruitment and training, industrial property and warehousing, forklifts and materials handling equipment, and lots more.


Owner//Driver is Australia’s largest-circulating monthly trucking publication, with an audited circulation of 37,118 copies a month (Circulations Audit Board, September 2014).

It is also the most-read, according to the landmark Transport Census2012. Thesurvey of 962 transport operators – undertaken by independent market research firm The Seed – found 81 percent of owner-drivers and small fleet operators ‘frequently’ or ‘regularly’ read Owner//Driver, compared with just 64 percent who read Big Rigs, 31 percent who read Truckin’ Life and 14 percent who read Diesel.

The reason is simple: only Owner//Driver delivers the depth and breadth of news and information owner-drivers and small fleet operators want and need, in print and online.

Each month Owner//Driver delivers hard-hitting coverage of the news and issues that effect its readers, an unrivalled line-up of columnists tackling the big issues about what really happens on the road, profiles of the characters and companies that contribute to its world-class reputation, the best new equipment news and reviews, and the largest jobs and used trucks and parts classifieds in the country.

Daily, Owner//Driver’s website is the number-one source of industry news and information for owner-drivers and small fleet operators; while specialist employment website TransJobs is the nation’s leading source of transport industry jobs.

And twice a year, NewTruckSearch – Australia’s No.1 truck, trailer, tyres and wheels buyers’ guide – delivers readers specifications of all makes and models available on the market.

With such reach and frequency it’s no wonder Owner//Driver is widely acknowledged as ‘The Truckie’s Bible’!

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