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Airtec launches AXS Smart OBM System

The new AXS SmartOBM System from Airtec promises to be smarter, smaller, faster and stronger.

Innovation continues to be at the forefront of Airtec Corporation’s product range, with the latest arrival to their SmartOBM series launching at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show – Introducing The AXS SmartOBM System.

The AXS SmartOBM System is a 100% Australian designed and manufactured on-board mass sensor, made in Queensland by Airtec staff to support all facets of the Heavy Vehicle industry.

“We’ve listened to our customers to understand what the industry needs and wants from their on-board mass units and believe the new AXS will deliver a better experience for our truckies, operators, fleet managers, as well as truck and trailer manufacturers,”  Co-founder & CEO, David Hewett says.

Put simply, this means that when discussing your SmartOBM needs and ordering an AXS SmartOBM System from Airtec or one of their many suppliers, you’re talking directly with the team who made the product.

Continuing to support the compliance needs of their customers, Airtec’s AXS SmartOBM System is TCA Category B approved and ready to take the “weight” of the industry. Designed to support all airbag suspension trucks, prime movers, trailers and dollies as well as being suitable for both dual and single sensor ride height controls.


At only 80mm in diameter and smaller than your coffee cup, the AXS SmartOBM System is the smallest and most durable product in the Airtec range. The reduced size makes mounting the sensor on your truck or trailer easier, and with specially designed mounting brackets available you can be assured the sensor is safe and secure, no matter the terrain.

This small but mighty piece of technology is an industry first with its wireless, Bluetooth-mesh capability allowing for faster mass updates and over-the-air calibration. Meaning you can weigh in, no matter where you are. Be it in the field, on the road or at your docking station, the AXS SmartOBM System is ready to perform, allowing you to check your weights from your smartphone and save them for later reference. Airtec has kept the bright LCD screen that customers love, retaining visibility for both day and night readings.

The new LED ring interface makes it easier than ever to determine if you are under, within or over legal weight with three different colours that change according to your load. The in-built accelerometer turns the lights off when your vehicle is in motion, but your sensor will continue to read your weights through the app and your integrated telematics provider.


Made with an aluminum base and polycarbonate cover, Airtec’s AXS SmartOBM System is 100% waterproof and guaranteed to withstand the harshest conditions of the Australian outback.

It’s not just the hardware that’s had a makeover. Airtec has ensured the already popular “TruckOBM” App is ready to integrate seamlessly with the AXS SmartOBM System product range. Once updated on your Smartphone, Airtec’s “TruckOBM” App will be able to support the over-the-air (OTA) firmware and calibration upgrades. Allowing you to calibrate gauges in the comfort of your cab via the App, rather than via the unit front panels. Saving you ‘tonnes’ of time on the road.

Airtec’s latest, and might we say greatest new product. Packed with the smartest technology, compliance accreditation, increased functionality, local support and so much more. The AXS SmartOBM System will ensure you are not only prepared for today, but ready for the future.

Purchase information:

For more information about the new AXS SmartOBM System Airtec can be contacted on 1800 818 884.

● 89AXS101D Single Sensor: $1,090 ex GST

  • Available for pre-order. Dispatch in September 2023

● 89AXS102D Dual Sensor: $1,270 ex GST

  • Available for pre-order. Dispatch in September 2023

● 89ASXR001 In Cab-Remote: $499 ex GST

  • Available NOW!

AXS SmartOBM System Fast Facts

Why you should ‘think small’ for your next SmartOBM system

➔ 100% Australian owned, made and manufactured
➔ Wireless, Bluetooth-mesh capability – minimal fuss for maximum results
➔ Over-air firmware updates to keep you at peak performance no matter your location ➔ LCD screen to ensure visibility in blistering sun or pouring rain
➔ LED lights indicate your legal weight limits
➔ Purpose designed mounting brackets
➔ Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback 

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