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ATA pushes for level crossing safety change

Level crossing safety

ATA chair David Smith is calling on rail regulators to making regional level crossings safer in a comprehensive response released today.

He has written the response to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) regarding its draft for a Code of Practice on Level Crossings and Train Visibility.

“The code’s voluntary and non-binding nature is problematic for improving train illumination. Accidents at night-time represent a significant proportion of total road deaths, suggesting that decreased visibility plays a significant role in collisions,” Smith says.

“Road users and rail workers are dying, and better lighting on locomotives and wagons, such as flashing beacon lights and side lights could prevent crashes and save lives.

“The ATA strongly advocates for making lighting and illumination a legal requirement, emphasising that train conspicuity is a critical aspect of level crossing safety.

“Trucks are required by law to meet minimum lighting and illumination standards. There is no reason why trains should not be subject to similar requirements.

“The ATA has called for the code to be transitioned into regulations under the Rail Safety National Law to ensure greater accountability and safety compliance in the rail industry.

“The ATA urges ONRSR to seize this opportunity to demonstrate the rail industry’s dedication to achieving zero deaths and serious injuries at level crossings.”

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