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Blue Tippers SEQ eagerly awaits MaxiTRANS delivery

Two new units from MaxiTRANS are on the way for Queensland asphalt cartage company Blue Tippers SEQ, which it is eagerly anticipating the arrival of.

Blue Tippers SEQ owner Tony Singh says its current Trout River live bottom trailers and rigid units conveyor floors from MaxiTRANS have helped make unloading easier since purchasing them in 2018, and is looking forward to more of the same.

“The other benefit is that when we’re doing streets near residential areas, with powerlines above us, it can be a big responsibility for a spotter and the driver,” Singh says.

“Usually it’s all on the spotter to check how high the bin is, you’re relying on him. With the belt driven floor, we know it’s going to be easier and safer.”

Blue Tippers SEQ purchased the trailer-rigid unit combo through MaxiTRANS dealer Trailer Sales after Singh began searching for an alternative conventional tipping trailer.

Trailer Sales bulk equipment sales specialist Roger Miller says the units have been tailored and customised individually to cater to Blue Tippers SEQ’s needs.

“These things are built to run seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” Miller says.

“You’re also able to purchase additional attachments such as chip spreaders, side chutes and more.

“We’re always looking to innovate because we want to make sure the equipment is continually evolving with the needs of our customers.”

Image: MaxiTRANS/Supplied

Blue Tippers SEQ currently has four Trout River rigid body units among its fleet. Miller says features of the new trailers include having the live bottom designed to negate everyday risks associated with asphalt works.

“As soon as you open the tailgate, there’s flashing lights to ensure that both the driver and the spotters around the vehicle know that the door is opening,” Miller says.

“There’re also audio cues to alert bystanders, which is especially useful during night-time works.”

Singh says the units have also contributed to Blue Tippers SEQ’s success in tendering contracts for future works.

“These are what companies want, they’re looking for operators utilising conveyor floors. It’s also easier to find drivers for these machines,” Singh says.

“They’re a great looking piece of equipment too. Often people will ask where we got these units from and our operators love them.

“Between the body design and the colour combination, they look really attractive on the road, and we get great feedback.”

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