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Ceramics line operators’ pockets

Ceramic coatings can help to reduce engine running costs

The use of ceramic coatings in diesel engines can not only make it more fuel efficient, but also prolong engine life, says American coatings manufacturer Swain Tech.

While the practice is not widely used in Australian heavy transport, Swain Tech says there are a number of benefits from coating pistons and bearings.

According to its website, Swain Tech founder Dan Swain developed and perfected the coatings for American NASCAR racing teams, however they are now widely used in on-road truck engines.

Swain Tech says the coating prevents heat transfer from the combustion chamber to the bottom of the piston, and provides lower engine oil temperatures.

Another benefit is increased combustion temperature, which Swain Tech says can help to manage combustion flame, for a more efficient fuel burn.

While coating of engine parts is not a widespread practice in Australia, some manufacturers are specifying coated exhaust systems, which can provide more power, as well as aiding emission control.

By applying the coating to the outside of the exhaust, the heat is retained inside the pipe, making the hot gases move faster and improving turbocharger performance, while engine with particulate filters are able to burn the soot at higher temperatures.

To find out more, see the March editions of ATN and Owner//Driver.

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