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City of Casey trials greener waste collection truck

The City of Casey in Melbourne is trialling the use of an alternative fuel source for one of its active waste collection trucks.
City of Casey

The City of Casey in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is set to trial an alternative fuel source with one of its waste collection trucks, using converted cooking oil in the place of traditional diesel.

This concept was showcased at a demonstration day at Cleanaway’s depot on Friday, Febuary 2, with two trucks being fuelled with low carbon, circular fossil fuel replacement called ‘HVO100 – hydrotreated vegetable oil’.

It is made from used cooking oils and fats collected from commercial kitchens, restaurants and shopping centres and then refined to produce the low carbon fuel alternative, creating a more renewable fuel source.

City of Casey chair of administrators Noelene Duff says the council is working hard with Cleanaway to do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australia through the use of the alternative fuel.

“We are proud to support Cleanaway with the launch of the kerbside collection vehicle powered using low-carbon, diesel alternatives,” she says.

“This emission reduction initiative is another step in the right direction in Council’s commitment towards zero net corporate emissions by 2030 in line with our Climate Action Plan.”

Cleanaway says HVO100 can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 91 per cent when compared to fossil fuel, and also reduces the smell and black smoke emitted from vehicle tailpipes.

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