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Council calls for removal of heritage-listed bridge

The Lismore City Council has started lobbying Transport for NSW to petition for the removal of the 130-year-old Terania Street Bridge due to safety concerns.

It has declared it as a ‘matter of urgency’ due to significant disruptions and safety risks for all road users that need to cross the bridge.

Councillors met at the October 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting and passed the resolution, calling on Transport for NSW to fast-track the removal of the bridge, among others including bridges on Union Street and Frank Street, Crane Street (between Barrow Lane and Simmons Street), Alexandria Parade (near Flick Street) and Winterton Parade (close to the Lismore Turf Club).

Lismore mayor Steve Krieg says Terania Street is important for residents and motorists passing through alike, and needs to be as safe as possible.

“Incidents with the rail bridge involving vehicle collisions and ongoing structural issues continuously cause the closure of the road, disrupting vital traffic flow for motorists in and out of the CBD and hurting nearby businesses,” he says.

“With the Terania Street Bridge viaduct closed again this week because of another truck incident, our request to remove the bridge is more urgent and relevant than ever.

“We’re currently waiting on decisions from Transport for NSW regarding our plan to remove the Terania Street Bridge and other rail bridges. We appreciate the community’s patience and support as we work towards making our city safer and more accessible for everyone.”

The Terania Street Bridge was constructed in 1894 and heritage listed in 1999 due to its unique design.

Terania Street is currently closed at the railway bridge, forcing all light and heavy vehicles to take detours, increasing journey times significantly.

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