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Defect management made easier with NHVR online platform

Staying on top of defect notices will be easier than ever with the industry regulator's new online platform

A newly released portal by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) will ensure all operators will now be able to view defects issued to their entire fleet online.

The NHVR Portal – Compliance Module provides operators with a comprehensive overview of defect notices, enabling more effective tracking and timely management of defects.  

Operators will also be able to better identify any defect trends to help reduce the number of defects issued and make the roads safer for all.  

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says the launch of the new module reflects the regulator’s commitment to exploring innovative ways to make it easier and safer for the heavy vehicle industry to conduct business. 

“Improving productivity and safety is a key objective of the NHVR and this new module helps achieve this, through timely and simplified access to important compliance related information,” Petroccitto says.

“Currently, operators face challenges with timely notifications of defects, which affects fleet management. 

“By providing a centralised platform to view the defect history of the entire fleet, operators can identify trends and address issues promptly to enhance the maintenance of their fleet. 

“This will in turn reduce the number of defects issued to operators and contribute to improved vehicle standards within the heavy vehicle industry.” 

The NHVR is committed to leveraging technology to boost safety, promote productivity and increase heavy vehicle standards, ultimately benefiting everyone on the roads.  

All operators can access the new module through their existing account.  

To view the Compliance Module, you must have completed the Registration linking service

For more information on the module, visit Portal Help Centre Portal Compliance Module FAQs.

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