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Eaton launches EV-friendly diffs

Power management company Eaton today announced its vehicle group has launched an extensive lineup of specialised differentials for electrified vehicles with comparable performance to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles

The passenger vehicle market is increasingly transitioning to electrified vehicles (EVs), and Eaton says it has the expertise and experience to provide the solution EV manufacturers need.

As a global supplier, Eaton says it has extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics and safety standards, as well as decades of experience working with global automotive manufacturers to integrate differentials into new vehicle platforms. Eaton has been supplying differentials to the EV market since 2015.

“Eaton conducts a total system analysis, using state-of-the-art tools and in-house know-how, to design a differential for electrified vehicles optimised for efficiency, reliability and manufacturing,” says Brent Pawlak, business unit director, Eaton’s Vehicle Group.

“We also can partner with an OEM to design and develop a differential to specifications and requirements, including torque levels, duty cycles, fatigue and size requirements, as EVs often require compact components and unique torque requirements that can be integrated into electrified drivetrains.”

Eaton offers a full range of differentials for electrified vehicles, including automatic limited-slip, automatic locking and electronic selectable locking differentials.

Each differential is highly engineered, tested and validated for a variety of traction control applications with performance verified at the company’s proving ground testing complex in Marshall, Michigan, which is home to more than 600 acres of testing facilities and tracks.

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