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eCanter enters new Asian market


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is continuing to expand it’s alternative-powered truck reach worldwide, launching its all-electric eCanter in Taiwan.

The eCanter was initially unveiled as the company’s flagship fully electric truck in 2017, with its introduction to Taiwan representing the seventh market the truck will be available in.

The launch comes after 50,000km of extensive local testing for the model, and more than 12 million kilometres of on-road usage since its initial launch in 2017, with the all-electric expected to help businesses achieve Taiwan’s zero-emission goals.

Taiwan has produced a roadmap detailing its desire to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, announced in April 2021.

The release comes barely a month after the eCanter was announced as available to purchase in Turkey. Daimler Truck Asia Taiwan (DTAT) is the sole distributor of Fuso branded trucks in Taiwan and is responsible for the exclusive import and wholesale of all company products in the electric vehicle’s newest market.

“We tested the eCanter on hilly roads, on city roads with traffic jams, on regional roads and rough roads; we literally went from the north to the far south of Taiwan. There were sunny days, chilly days, rainy days, all kinds of conditions,” DTAT Chairperson Kristin Lin says.

The introduction of the all-electric truck has further strengthened MFTCB’s foothold in Taiwan, where it has operated for six decades.

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