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Emergency works called for after Rozelle Interchange opens

A number of emergency works have begun on the Rozelle Interchange after a crisis meeting was called by the NSW Government.

The opening of the Rozelle Interchange in Sydney’s inner west has prompted the state government to act fast and conduct emergency road works this week, as reported by a number of news outlets.

A part of the WestConnex project, which aims to connect the western suburbs to the CBD and surrounds, has in some cases resulted in longer journeys for drivers.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) warned of delays on the Anzac Bridge between 7am and 9am in the morning peak, but an even greater flow of congestion than expected has prompted emergency works.

TfNSW will begin overnight construction on extra lane space on the City West Link in an effort to improve the traffic flow.

With works set to get underway soon, TfNSW will look to build a second, 400m long lane before Crescent Overpass merges with the Anzac Bridge.

NSW roads minister John Graham called a crisis meeting consisting of senior department staff on Sunday, with estimates of massive congestion in the mornings of the working week.

Coming into the typically busy holiday season, it is expected that the emergency works will also cause delays for transport workers travelling between Sydney metro areas.

Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) CEO Simon O’Hara warns truckies and customers to be aware of the changed road conditions.

“It’s going to have a significant impact. I’d allow an additional one hour travel time and I’d let customers know this will have a significant impact,” O’Hara tells OwnerDriver.

“Customers need to be mindful and aware of that. If truckies can avoid using it, they should.

“I’d also recommend to be very mindful of the signage. There’s now additional signage that’s been put up to ensure that people are aware that the road from Iron Cove going to the Anzac Bridge is not tolled.”

While the emergency works are estimated to be completed by next Sunday, there are further concerns that the Rozelle Interchange will still have greater issues going forward into 2024.

O’Hara says RFNSW gave their thoughts to the NSW government once the Interchange was opened in a meeting on Friday, particularly citing the merging of multiple lanes into one.

“We had a positive meeting with the roads minister. He engaged fully with us on the issue of engagement with TfNSW but also on our suggestions regarding lanes at the Rozelle Interchange,” he says.

“We’re particularly mindful of how freight is perceived, and it’s important that’s we articulate that clearly to the minister and senior members of TfNSW.

“We raised the issue about trucks, that trucks need to use the Interchange as much as anyone else. If the modelling from TfNSW had been correct, they would have seen that.

“We see that freight is not a concern as a positive. It would seem that this problem will continue into the foreseeable future. With a peak expecting in February 2024 of traffic, I think it could remain a problematic issue.”

TfNSW is also looking at a second ‘pinch’ point at Victoria Road, which may also require works to ease congestion for commuters.

The Rozelle Interchange is currently owned and operator by major infrastructure company Transurban.

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