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Euro 6 Volvos a huge boost for Linfox fleet

100 locally built "trucks of tomorrow" to join the Fox stable in a blaze of publicity


Linfox has taken delivery of the first Euro 6 FM prime mover from Volvo Group Australia’s (VGA’s) Wacol plant – and then some.

More than 100 trucks comprise the order, which include the 11- and 13-litre engine capacities as well as horsepower ratings from 460hp to 500hp (336kW-373kW).

The trucks are also fitted with a full complement of active and passive safety equipment as well as meeting criteria of the stringent Swedish BOF10 crash test.

Linfox chair Peter Fox, VGA president and CEO Martin Merrick, and federal assistant freight transport minister Scott Buchholz marked the event.

“Here we have three iconic brands working together, Volvo Trucks, Linfox and Australian Made,” Merrick says.

“We are working together to drive a safer, cleaner, more productive transport industry here in this country.

“Manufacturing our products in Australia makes us strong, while buying Australian Made promotes success in our community, and now we are building our cleanest, safest trucks here in this country.”

Linfox chalks this order alongside other Queensland milestones, including the construction of its new distribution centre and state office in Willawong, Brisbane; investment in Far North Queensland rail operations and recent property purchases in the region.

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“Volvo’s new Australian-made Euro 6 fleet combines local manufacturing expertise with our key commitments at Linfox – to act sustainably and lead in safety and compliance,” Fox says.

“Our investment in sustainable vehicles has helped to significantly reduce our emissions over the past several years. Linfox and Volvo share a longstanding commitment to safe, efficient fleets that minimise our impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.”

Buchholz hails the impact of the order on local manufacturing and jobs.

“It is great to see three iconic brands here, Volvo, Linfox and most importantly the Australian made brand,” he says.

“You’ll hear some people say manufacturing in Australia is dead.

“I say you only need to ask the employees here at this Wacol site, who I might add are building these trucks of tomorrow, about that.”

“These employees are building the trucks of tomorrow that will deliver the essential goods and services our communities need.

“It is great to see the next generation of Euro 6 vehicles, rolling out of the Volvo plant and we look forward to Volvo Group Australia’s continuing investment in heavy vehicle manufacturing in Australia.”

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