Old Fords hit Dubbo

By: Peter and Di Schlenk, Photography by: Peter and Di Schlenk

Representing the American brand at the Dubbo Vintage Truck and Tractor Show were a 1964 F600 and a 1977 Louisville


Dubbo’s Golden Oldies Truck Club’s motto is ‘preserving history on big wheels’. And that’s exactly what happened on August 13 when it organised the 2016 Dubbo Vintage Truck and Tractor Show.

Making their way to the show were two old Fords, each with a different tale.


Ford ,-Tompkins ,-Dubbo ,-Owner Driver2

Refurbished Ford

Brian Tompkins (above) had a fairly flash 1964 Ford F600 on show at Dubbo.

Originally a plain grey colour, Brian explains that these models imported into Australia were poverty packs. The colours are original Ford ones of ‘Caribbean Turquoise’ and ‘Corinthian White’.

"I have an American colour brochure and that is an original colour scheme," Brian explains. "There is not one thing on that truck that is not a factory item, including the spotlights.

"Everything is a genuine Ford part. The truck turns a few heads."

Originally owned by a hay merchant in Cowra, Brian bought the Ford six years ago, spending two years on the refurbishment job.



Patrick -Dwyer ,-Ford -Louisville ,-Dubbo ,-Owner Driver2

Lived-in Louisville

A sparkie by trade, Patrick Dwyer has spent around half of his life in trucks. For the show, he brought along a 1977 Ford Louisville.

"I’ve always owned a truck while working as an electrician," Patrick explains. "My family has a history in trucks.

"When we were kids, dad had Commer Knockers and then petrol Commers, and then he bought MANs.

"I find the Louisvilles very attractive both to look at and live in."

Patrick did interstate runs in the early ’80s and says he can’t remember seeing many Kenworths on the road in those days.

"Now they are everywhere, but a lot of Fords burnt," he explains.

"There is a little vent on top of the dash; it’s the right size for a box of matches.

"What happens is the matches find their way down to the heater speed coil, they set fire to the plastic and up she goes.

"In the ’80s, old Fords would be on the side of the road everywhere!"

See the full report from the Dubbo Vintage Truck and Tractor Show in the September issue of Owner//Driver. Subscribe here.


Note: An error in the September issue saw Patrick Dwyer incorrectly called Tommy O’Connell.



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