Tesla co-founder to speak at ComVec 2018

By: Greg Bush, Photography by: Facebook.com/wrightspeedpowertrains

Ian Wright, co-founder of Tesla, will discuss his current innovative projects during ComVec 2018 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre in April.

Tesla co-founder to speak at ComVec 2018
Tesla co-founder Ian Wright will talk about some of his current projects during ComVec 2018.


Former Tesla engineer Ian Wright will be a special international guest speaker at this year’s ComVec – Australia's Heavy Vehicle Engineering Conference.

ComVec 2018 will be held on April 12 and 13 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre,

A former New Zealander, Wright’s engineering background led him California’s Silicon Valley in 1993 to build networking products for NET and Cisco. In 2001 he founded Altamar Networks in 2001 and, two years later, co-founded Tesla Motors.

In 2005 he founded Wrightspeed, building turbine powered electric drivetrains for the commercial vehicle industry.

In a recent interview with US network CNBC, Wright commented following Tesla’s announcement of its new long-haul prime movers. Wright believes it's a tougher market for electric than shorter-range, light- and medium-duty trucking.

"I was a little surprised they were targeting long-haul trucks, because that is the worst thing you can do with a battery electric [vehicle]," he says.

"It’s going to make it very heavy and expensive," he said, in a tough business where low cost is king. Cost "is where the rubber meets the road."

Other sessions at ComVec 2018 include Heavy Vehicle Design – the Unfolding Innovation Frontier, CoR Toolbox – Chain of Responsibility, and the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI).

For further info see the website at www.comvec.com.au

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