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Federal stimulus package will help transport: Isuzu

The $42 billion stimulus package will benefit the transport industry, Isuzu says

The $42 billion federally funded stimulus package will benefit the transport industry, Isuzu Director and Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Australia Phil Taylor says.

He say the money will “assist in improving Australia’s worn-out roads as well as increasing safety for all road users”.

With $650 million earmarked specifically for local community infrastructure and maintenance of Australia’s national highways, Taylor says these improvements will leave Australia better placed when the current financial crisis eases.

Additionally, 350 projects will be funded as part of the ‘Black Spot’ program and around 200 new boom gates are to be installed at high risk rail crossings.
“This increased investment in road maintenance is very welcome – it will help stimulate the economy, create new jobs and deliver long-term benefits to all road users,” Taylor says.

The Isuzu boss also says the roads will be able to cope with greater demand once the economy recovers.

According to Taylor, the focus needs to be on fixing current road infrastructure.

Echoing comments made by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), he says attempts to bring forward new building projects as a stand alone measure may cause cost blowouts or poorly planned roads due to the urgency of the current economic situation.

“Economic stimulus measures will focus on infrastructure to improve safety and efficiency on the roads, as this is currently more important than new projects,” Taylor says.

Isuzu also wants extra funding to combat driver fatigue, which is a constant concern to all sectors of the transport industry.

Taylor wants more investment in rest areas, saying drivers are forced to travel stretches of road of up to 500 kilometres without a meal break or the opportunity to use rest facilities.

In saying that, Taylor is confident the stimulus package will assist in increasing the number and quality of rest areas to improve truck drivers’ safety.

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