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Jade Truck Loans is extremely proud to be partnering with Owner Driver because we thrive on working with small business operators grow their business with better finance deals. Unlike many banks and other lenders, Jade welcomes small operators and we work just as hard getting you a great truck loan as we do for large fleet managers

For Competitive Rates On Truck Loans in Australia

As an independent finance broker, Jade Truck Loans represents not only a viable option to seeking finance from the bank but a real opportunity to set yourself up with finance that is tailored to suit your business goals.

Some of our staff have been 20 years working with both individuals and businesses achieve their financial objectives and we’ve shown time and again, why we are the preferred source for truck loans.

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As an owner driver, we appreciate that every minute you’re off the road dealing with issues such as sourcing finance for your vehicle purchase, is time that you’re not earning money. We won’t waste your time, not then not now – so here it is straight up – we’ll give you our best and cheapest truck loan offer first time. No need to waste time haggling and negotiating with Jade Truck Loans, we’ve actually done all that for you.

The way we work, we access over 400 loan products from around 40 lenders to find the one that suits your requirements. Then we make you the offer. Once you’ve accepted the offer, you’re back to work and we get onto handling all the time-consuming paperwork for you. With so many loan products to choose from, it’s not surprising that we can eek out the best interest rate for you.

Our Jade Truck Loans consultants really know their business and understand the trucking and transport sector. So just once call to us and you can be assured that your best interests are being covered.

Make the call to Jade Truck Loans on 1300 000 003 and see what we can do to assist you

CONTACT US NOW 1300 000 003.

Truck Loans for All Owners, All Drivers, All Businesses

Whether you’re purchasing your first vehicle, upgrading or looking for re-financing, Jade Truck Loans can assist, no matter your circumstances:

  • Personal and Business Vehicle Loans
  • Commercial Finance Packages
  • Both Secured and Unsecured Truck Loans
  • Bad Credit Solutions and Low Docs Loans
  • Used and New Truck Finance, Private and Dealer Sales

Call us now on 1300 000 003 for a better truck loan no matter the size of your vehicle or the size of your business.


Not sure what you’ll be up for? To get a ballpark estimate on your truck loan, log onto our free finance calculator.

Then contact Jade Truck Loans and get your truck finance deal into top gear.

Finance Calculator

A basic guide to obtaining finance

The web is a great place to start when you're looking to finance your next vehicle. Naturally, you should take your time when looking for the best deal. Compare the interest, finance rates and fees of the banks with finance providers to see what works best for you.

It goes without saying that financiers will scrutinise your books. The greater the purchase price, the more detail you will be asked to provide.

Make absolutely certain you understand exactly how the interest and finance rates being offered affect you. For example, it's a good idea to avoid setting the repayment term for too long. Be sure to read all the fine print and if in doubt about anything, ask a question.

Last but not least, don't forget to tell your insurance company about your new acquisition, as your cover will probably need adjusting.