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Fuso eCanter introduces pedestrian-sensing technology


Vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck has announced that the next generation of Fuso eCanter models will come standard with new pedestrian-sensing side guard technology.

Set to be released in May as a part of the company’s new safety package, the new Active Side Guard Assist will be able to detect moving pedestrians, cyclists and any other hazards on the side of the truck.

Through the use of the eCanter’s Advanced Emergency Braking System, the next generation of the model can automatically brake to avoid an impact in the event the driver does not respond.

Daimler Truck Australia Pacific vice president of marketing and sales Andrew Assimo says it is an important feature for a noiseless truck running an electric engine.

“Near silent electric trucks usually operate in high density areas with a lot of pedestrians and other road users, so active safety features are critically important,” he says.

“The eCanter has a clear safety advantage with the most advanced active safety features that are fully integrated and, importantly, standard.”

President and CEO Daniel Whitehead says the inclusion of new safety features was an important part of the process when developing the next generation model.

“We always encourage customers to think about safety when they buy any kind of truck; electric or not. It does make sense that a company or person motivated to look after the environment and buy a battery electric vehicle would also want to look after whoever is driving the truck, other road users and pedestrians,” he says.

“When safety is considered, the eCanter is the only choice in the class.”

The next generation eCanter is also fitted with the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, aka AVAS, which generates artificial vehicle sounds at low speeds to warn other road users. It also includes the Lane Departure Warning System, an electric park brake, automatic headlights and Electronic Stability Program.

Also standard are LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), LED headlights and LED taillights, which are 30 per cent brighter than equivalent halogen lights and also use less energy.

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