'Liquid flow' will unclog city roads, inventor claims

RTA to examine new road design plans claimed to eliminate gridlock in Sydney and other cities

'Liquid flow' will unclog city roads, inventor claims
'Liquid flow' will unclog city roads, inventor claims
The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is examining new road design plans proponents say could eliminate gridlock in Sydney with a single stroke.

The company set up to spruik so-called liquid flow traffic technology says it is also talking to road authorities in Victoria and Queensland about implementing a system which promises a cross-city drive in peak traffic without stopping.

UBTSC founder Jozef Goj, who designed the system and has patents around the world, will meet with RTA Principal Road Design Engineer Patrick Kenny on Friday.

Goj argues present intersection infrastructures will never resolve gridlock in big cities and the liquid flow technology - a series of underpasses or overpasses to allow turns at intersections without blocking lanes of traffic - is the only solution to worsening road congestion.

"Until now all other forms of transportation have become faster and more efficient with the exception of road traffic that, despite higher vehicle speeds that are faster than ever before, travel at dismally slow speeds in peak traffic," he says.

"The concepts of liquid flow traffic address this problem and resolve it once and forever."

UBTSC says it specialises in the design and construction of a number of 21st century concepts and technologies to reduce congestion and air pollution in transport.

It claims its systems are based on "maintaining the standard of living expected by people, with minimal impact to the environment and with benefits to the climate".

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