Main Roads' bulldozer trucks illegal: QTA

Department of Main Roads 'recovery units', imported from the US to move trucks from roadways following crashes, are not fit for task, QTA contends

The Queensland Department of Main Roads so-called ‘recovery units’, imported from the United States as a tool to move trucks from roadways following crash incidents, are not fit for task, the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) contends.

The association this week provided information to the State Government suggesting the type of mobile crane proposed would be incapable of moving an overturned articulated vehicle having regard to the safety and lifting operational requirements on such equipment.

Under Queensland law, quite specific and rigorous workplace health and safety obligations apply to the operation of mobile cranes.

"QTA has offered to discuss this matter with Government officials in order that investment is not wasted and that safety of operation is paramount.

"Avoiding congestion is important to the trucking industry as it impedes efficient freight movement and adds significant costs to operations," Chief Executive Peter Garske says.

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