Super B-double guidelines out in 8 weeks

Victorian transport operators can apply to run super B-doubles in the 'green triangle' in eight weeks

By Samantha Freestone

Victorian transport operators can apply to run super B-doubles in the wood chip 'green triangle' region within two months.

The first details of the super B-double trial were released yesterday.

A spokesperson Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas tells ATN those interested in applying should check the VicRoads website in eight weeks as no official launch date will be advertised.

"The guidelines are being finalised in regards to GPS [global position systems] and PBS [performance-based standards]. Once they are finalised we have to get all of those guidelines sent out to industry, but as to [that process] nothing is [absolute] yet," the spokesperson says.

The vehicles will transport the Portland precinct’s wood chip harvest "within the next six months", in a trial known officially as the Green Triangle Freight Action Plan.

Under the guidelines each truck must be fitted with ABS braking systems along with GPS. Operators must also provide proof the vehicles adhere to relevant PBS standards already set in place.

"The guidelines for the trial will be released in about the next eight week after which any operator can apply to run HPVs [high-performance vehicles] in that specific area in the south east," the spokesperson says.

"As to a start date, it is very much dependent on how quickly the industry moves to meet the guidelines."

Yesterday, Pallas launched the plan with South Australian Transport Minister Pat Conlon in Portland.

At the launch Pallas made a point of congratulating both New South Wales and Victoria for working together "to cut out the red tape", commenting it was the "first time in the country's history" where two states had come together in such a way.

"[With] massive development of blue gum wood chips in the region over the next five years and increased exports through the Port of Portland, the economic significance of the region will only grow," Pallas said.

The trucks will be permitted to travel on the Princes Highway between Heywood and Mount Gambier and the Henty Highway from Hamilton to the Port of Portland.

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