Linfox strives to cut carbon emissions

Linfox launches program to educate drivers to reduce greenhouse gases and cut fuel costs

Linfox has launched an initiative aimed at educating its drivers to reduce greenhouse gases, cut fuel costs and lower the risk of crashes.

The Eco Drive program teaches ten key techniques including driving in the least lane of resistance, using the appropriate gear and avoiding heavy braking.

"These techniques can make a big difference to fuel consumption, and can reduce carbon emissions. The program also makes the road safer and less stressful for our drivers," the company says.

The program also focuses on teaching drivers to accelerate gradually, reduce the use of air-conditioning, shifting to neutral for short stops and using cruise control on flat roads.

Drivers are also encouraged to avoid excessive idling by turning the engine off, planning ahead to avoid traffic flows and using the vehicle’s mass to maintain momentum.

Eco Drive is part of Linfox’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 15 percent by next year and follows the opening of its new head office which was built according to a ‘green’ theme.

Linfox driver Rob Smith says the program has given him a new perspective on driving.

"I learned useful techniques for saving fuel and how to drive with less stress," Smith says.

"It’s useful not just for driving with Linfox but when you drive your own vehicle as well."

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