Speed and fatigue monitoring on the way

Government-owned agency responsible for IAP sets sights on another heavy vehicle monitoring scheme

By Brad Gardner

The government-owned agency responsible for the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) has set it sights on developing another heavy vehicle monitoring scheme.

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has been tasked with coming up with guidelines to govern a system capable of tracking driver speed and fatigue.

As part of the process, the TCA plans on consulting industry stakeholders before submitting specifications to the Australian Transport Council (ATC) later this year.

"It’s important that we consult all key stakeholders early in the process. That includes the telematics sector, transport operators, the logistics sector and government," TCA Chief Executive Chris Koniditsiotis says.

However, the consultation process has not yet been finalised, and the TCA was unable to confirm if hearings would be held nationwide.

But in an effort to allay fears that trucking companies may need to replace current tracking systems, Dr Charles Karl from the TCA says the government body will try and make specifications indifferent to technology.

"The intent of the specification will be to allow for as many technologies as possible and not to preclude any that meet the requirements," TCA’s Dr Charles Karl says.

"Practically, many of the commercial systems today already utilise GPS to provide location and time information."

Koniditsiotis claims the decision by governments to look at fatigue and speed monitoring is good news for the industry because it will improve road safety and fatigue management.

The TCA is currently developing guidelines for electronic work diaries, with Karl saying industry and government are currently being consulted on the issue.

The draft specifications are due to be released in October to coincide with public consultation. TCA also recently published the findings of its trial of on-board mass management, with the report revealing mixed results.

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