Mobileye to help reduce crashes

New device able to provide 'three-in-one' warning system for drivers is now available

A new device able to provide a ‘three-in-one’ warning system for drivers covering unintended lane departure, tailgating and headway monitoring is now available.

The Mobileye Advanced Warning System 4000 uses a camera located on the vehicle’s front windshield that watches the road to detect and measures lane position relative to the vehicle, and provide a warning if it exceeds set distances.

The system also detects vehicles ahead, and measures their distance, azimuth, relative speed and Time To Contact (TTC), to provide continuous headway and potential collision related information, while the road curvature calculation provided by the lane detection capability enables it to identify which of the vehicles ahead is in the same lane.

These features correspond with three of the leading causes of road accidents, rear-end accidents caused by driver inattention; lane departure, and Run Off Road (ROR) accidents; as well as rear-end accidents caused by insufficient distance keeping.

The Mobileye system was developed in Israel, and is distributed in Australia by the Command Auto Group.

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