Qld operators feeling the pinch on fuel

The recent scrapping of the Queensland fuel subsidy is taking its toll on trucking operators, QTA says

Queensland Trucking Association Chief Executive Peter Garske says the recent scrapping of the State’s fuel subsidy is beginning to take its toll on trucking operators.

The QTA says smaller operators running B-doubles have been the first to suffer from the demise of the 8.35 cent per litre subsidy, while many have been left trying to explain why freight rates need to increase.

Garske says the owner of Queensland-based company running a fleet of 10 to 12 trucks operating on the east coast is currently trying to convince customers in Melbourne to pay the increased charges.

"The cost [of the fuel subsidy scrapping] is impacting the way we said it would," Garske says.

"We [the QTA] are encouraging our members to remind their local members that they are feeling the pinch."

Garske says the retail price of diesel in some areas has risen an extra 10 cents.

"Looking across the road from my office, the diesel price at the BP Garage is $1.25. Back in June prices were around $1.15," he says.

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