NRMA launches truck safety campaign

The NRMA focuses on motorists to help reduce the rate of truck related accidents on NSW roads

The NRMA has called on motorists in country New South Wales to share the road safely with trucks as part of a new safety drive to lower the road toll.

NRMA Motoring and Services Director Graham Blight has also attacked the condition of NSW roads, saying the state of the network contributes to collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles.

"Drivers of all vehicles need to be aware that trucks come in all different shapes and sizes and are integral to the day to day function of communities across the nation," Blight says.

"The lack of funding for western NSW roads in recent budgets means road condition and quality is being put under pressure from the number of vehicles using them.

"There are about 100,000 NSW registered trucks on the road and this number will increase."

The NRMA is using its multi purpose Mobile Member Centre (MMC) semi-trailer to take a message about safety across NSW and highlight the importance of driving safely.

In the year leading up to September 2008, 266 people were killed in truck related trucks in NSW.

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