Double demerit fines in ACT over Easter

Motorists warned about speeding in the ACT over Easter. Double demerit points are on the way

April 1, 2010

Motorists are being warned against speeding over the Easter break or risk being slapped with double demerit points.

The ACT’s Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, today urged motorists to drive safely and says the Australian Federal Police will be out in force to make sure they do.

Those who exceed the speed limit by 15km/h to 30km/h may be hit with six demerit points, potentially putting them off the road for a long stretch of time.

Police will apply 12 demerit points and possibly suspend the licences of those who travel 45km/h or more over the speed limit.

"Double demerit points will apply for speeding and seatbelt offences from Thursday April 1 to Monday April 5 inclusive," Stanhope says.

"Road safety is always important, but at times such as this, when more people are on the road, everyone needs to pay extra attention to the road rules and drive safely."

Drivers not wearing seatbelts may lose six points from their licence.

Stanhope also asked drivers to take care when driving at dusk.

"Easter Sunday also marks the end of the daylight saving period which means more motorists are likely to be travelling at dusk.

"Drivers should take extra care when driving at dusk and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and kangaroos."

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