WA introduces new animal welfare standards

Western Australia introduces new animal welfare standards for the livestock industry

November 2, 2010

New animal welfare standards for pigs have been introduced in Western Australia to improve the livestock sector.

The Animal Welfare (Pig Industry) Regulations outline requirements for the welfare of commercially-kept pigs.

The regulation sets out the minimum space requirements for pig enclosures and a six-week limit on keeping sows in a farrowing crate. Those who breach the guidelines can be fined a maximum of $2500.

From 2017, the regulation will stop producers from confining a pregnant sow in a sow stall for more than six weeks.

"The regulations seek to find a balance between providing for the pigs’ health and welfare needs and the challenges faced by managers who, in many cases, are in charge of significant numbers of them," Agricultural and Food Minister Terry Redman says.

Acting Local Government Minister Bill Marmion says the Government is trying to achieve high standards of animal welfare in the livestock industries.

The changes are part of national reforms aimed at creating a consistent animal welfare code and enforcement procedures.

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