'Chicken' motorists assault truckie

Police on the hunt for motorists who played ‘chicken’ with a truck and bashed the driver

By Ruza Zivkusic | April 21, 2011

Truck drivers travelling on the Pacific Highway at Nabiac, NSW, are urged to exercise caution following the bashing of a truck driver.

A 51-year-old truck driver from Charter Freightlines and Cold Storage was bashed in the area on Tuesday when he stopped when two cars blocked the lanes about 9pm.

NSW Police says there has been a string of incidents on the highway with people throwing objects at passing trucks and playing ‘chicken’ with the truck drivers.

"There were reports from a number of truck drivers but one in particular who managed to come across the cars. He was forced to pull over and was assaulted by one or a number of these people," Inspector Andy Clarke says.

The driver was taken to Manning Hospital. The men from the two vehicles sped off, prompting a police search for the culprits.

Charter Freighlines and Cold Storage CEO Paul Campbell says the driver is shaken following the incident and has taken leave from work.

"To assault somebody who’s just going about his daily business earning an income for his family is just disgraceful," he says.

Campbell says some truck drivers who had come across motorists playing chicken had phoned the police and provided the vehicles’ numberplates.

"It’s the first incident I’ve heard of where the truck’s been stopped on the highway and the driver has been assaulted. I hear about drivers being stopped while coming out of a shop or visiting an ATM but it’s the first one where I’m aware of an actual physical altercation involving a heavy vehicle driver," he says.

Clarke is asking any truck drivers who witness any similar incidents to contact the police immediately.

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