NSW committed to targeting unregistered vehicles

NSW Government says it remains committed to automatic number plate recognition to target unregistered vehicles on the state’s road network

By Brad Gardner | August 8, 2011

The NSW Government has committed itself to supporting greater use of automatic number plate recognition technology to target unregistered vehicles and motorists trying to avoid road taxes.

Police Minister Michael Gallacher says the government is focused on fitting another 100 highway patrol cars with the technology to alert police of unregistered, stolen and uninsured vehicles. The technology can also alert police to motorists wanted for unpaid road taxes, number plate offences and unlicensed driving.

He says the technology has been highly effective in catching offenders, with figures showing that more than 38,000 registration and licence-related infringements were issued between November 2009 and June 2011.

"The government will continue to support the rollout of this technology," Gallacher says.

Cameras and computer systems are fitted to police cars to scan passing vehicles and alert police if an unregistered or stolen vehicle is detected.

"Getting unregistered vehicles off the road is not just an exercise in nabbing people who have not paid their bills or handing out traffic tickets to raise revenue; unregistered vehicles are overrepresented in motor vehicle crashes," Gallacher says.

"They also have not been subjected to the mechanical tests that occur at registration to ensure a vehicle's roadworthiness. Because they are uninsured they also push up the cost of comprehensive third party insurance premiums for everyone."

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