Stick with the facts says Lennon

Lennons Transport Services boss seeks to set record straight over "misinformation in the media about our organisation"

Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | March 7, 2012)

Lennons Transport Services Managing Director Tony Lennon has broken the silence on alleged litany of illegal practices in a message to his suppliers and customers, asking for support and for "only" the facts to be considered.

He has describes last month as "challenging" but says business has resumed, with the majority of fleet now back on the road.

"The fatal accident in January which triggered the investigation into our organisation was a tragedy of the highest order and we extend our greatest sympathies to the families of those involved," Lennon writes.

"There has in recent days been a considerable amount of misinformation in the media about our organisation, its conduct and its record, and I believe it is necessary as a supplier or a client that you are aware of the main acts.

He says the claim that the majority of the fleet were found to have illegal modifications, is untrue.

"From February 22, 2012, Roads and Maritime Services Authority (RMS) has inspected all Lennons trucks at our yard and on the road.

"RMS required eleven trucks to have an independent speed compliance check undertaken. All of the trucks identified by RMS have now been inspected. Ten of the eleven trucks have been confirmed as speed compliant with only one truck needing to be adjusted.

"We expect to receive confirmation that the eleventh truck is speed compliant shortly."

He dismisses the claim that a Lennons truck was found abandoned on a roadside in Victoria, where a logbook was dumped nearby, saying the location of all trucks were known to his staff at all times.

"All trucks that were roadside inspected were cleared to continue on their journeys," he adds.

"It is untrue that two of our trucks attempted to drive through a red light at the weigh station.

"The RMS has confirmed that there was a computer glitch at the weigh station and the light was green, not red, when the Lennons trucks left the weigh station. This is why the drivers of the trucks are not being charged."

No illegal cash incentives were paid to drivers to make faster deliveries, he adds.

"It is untrue that major supermarket chains made unrealistic demands on Lennons deadlines.

"Our freight is general freight for one-off or small jobs and as we do not transport perishable items for supermarkets, our deadlines are not as critical," he says.

He dismisses the claim that a driver had received a mobile phone message urging him not to return to the base because of inspections, saying trucks had already been inspected at Marulan, NSW, and were not required to return to the depot which was already congested.

"Lennons Transport Services has cooperated fully with regulators throughout their investigations and will continue to do so.

"As operators in a regulated industry we have a history of working with authorities.

"I started Lennons Transport Services with my brother almost 30 years ago. It is a family business and our personal integrity and reputations are on the line every day.

"As you know from working with us, we are an honest, hardworking company with loyal employees who operate in a challenging environment and retain a long-term client base.

"We operate a late model fleet with a rigorous maintenance regime dictated by law, together with TruckSafe (1999), National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (NHVAS) Scheme Mass and Maintenance (2004) and our own corporate standards, and our work is often considered the "better jobs" because there are not impossible deadlines and drivers are not required to undertake a considerable amount of physical labour."

He is proud that the company’s integrity "has never been compromised", saying he will "vigorously" defend the company’s reputation in public and in court.

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