Truck driver arrested after talking on mobile phone

Police arrest a truck drive busted for talking on his phone and then ignoring multiple demands to pull over

July 12, 2012

A truck driver has been arrested for talking on his mobile phone while driving and then refusing multiple demands from police to pull over.

New South Wales Police says officers attempted to stop the truck on the F3 Freeway near Mt White about 9.50am yesterday after they saw him chatting away on his phone.

Officers allege the driver did not stop for some time. When he eventually pulled over, he began abusing police.

"A decision was made to move to a safer location and again the heavy vehicle did not stop when directed. Additional police resources attended and the driver was arrested," a statement from New South Wales Police says.

It says the driver tried to hide the phone in the dashboard of the vehicle, but his plan fell apart when the device started ringing while officers were securing the rig.

Police charged the driver with failing to stop when directed, using a handheld mobile phone while driving and resisting arrest. He was also done for a registration label offence.

The truckie was caught as part of a 24-hour police crackdown on mobile phone and seatbelt offences that led to more than 1,300 motorists being booked.

"In terms of the truck driver, he has put himself and other motorists at risk by using a mobile phone whilst travelling on a busy freeway. Any device which can cause a driver to be distracted is dangerous. Clearly the message is not getting through," Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith says.

Officers dispensed 1,353 traffic infringements as part of Operation Compliance 2. New South Wales Police says 824 were for using a handheld mobile phone while driving, with 234 for seatbelt offences. The remaining 295 offences related to vehicle defects.

"The amount of seatbelt offences is particularly shocking. It suggests that the seatbelt message is being ignored," Smith says.

"The non-wearing of seatbelts has been a factor in a number of fatal crashes this year. These are lives that could have been saved with common sense. Wear your seatbelt every time you get into a vehicle or face a fine of $298 and three demerit points."

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