Police message not getting through to trucking

Police concerned some sections of industry continue to ignore recent large-scale operations against trucking

August 6, 2012

Recent large-scale police operations against the trucking industry have failed to curb dangerous behaviour in the industry, with authorities expressing concern about continued dangerous driving.

New South Wales Police has targeted trucking in recent weeks, with officers detecting a number of vehicles travelling more than 20km/h over the speed limit between July 27 and August 3 throughout the state.

In the most recent cases, a B-double was busted travelling 124km/h on the Hume Highway just after 1am on August 3, while a semi-trailer was caught travelling 125km/h on Burley Griffin Way later that day.

"Quite obviously, there is a small element of the industry not paying attention to our enforcement activities. While drivers continue to speed, we will continue to mount inspection operations. Be warned, we may also consider the direct targeting of the fleets and companies involved," Superintendent Stuart Smith says.

All drivers caught speeding were handed infringement notices, with police also defecting their vehicles to have their speed limiters checked.

"We will now review these recent speeding events to determine what it is we can do with the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) to increase our inspection and enforcement activities across the state for the benefit of ensuring road safety for all drivers across NSW."

Smith says recent heavy vehicle operations inspected more than 1,200 trucks and found 54 instances of alleged tampering with speed limiters to allow trucks to exceed 100km/h.

"A further 539 infringements, breaches, defects and other issues were found. We have also found 10 to be driving drug affected, and charged two with drug possession," he says.

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