New road rules to put mobiles out of reach

Drivers in New South Wales will have to use hands-free devices for their mobiles when new road rules begin

October 30, 2012

Changes to road rules in New South Wales will require motorists to use their mobile phone completely hands free or mounted if they wish to talk while driving.

Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety General Manager Marg Prendergast says motorists will have to use hands-free devices from November 1.

"These changes are being introduced to further encourage motorists to avoid contact with their mobile phone while driving," Prendergast says.

"Holding your phone while talking and driving is already illegal but these changes will mean you cannot touch the phone unless it is mounted."

Drivers cannot be anywhere near the phone even when it is on loud speaker and must not touch it unless the vehicle is legally parked.

There will be new rules for using roundabouts, overtaking, giving way to pedestrians and changes for the trucking industry.

Trucks in New South Wales will be required to stay at least 60 metres behind vehicles longer than 7.5 metres. NSW will also bring its rules governing the use of portable warning triangles into line with other jurisdictions.

Drivers of vehicles over 12 tonnes who have stopped or lost a load on a road with a speed limit of 80km/h or more will need to place three triangles if their vehicle is not visible for 300 metres in all directions.

Drivers must place one triangle between 200 and 250 metres behind the vehicle or fallen load, one triangle 200-250 metres in front, and one triangle by the side of the vehicle or load.

Three triangles are still needed if an incident happens on a one-way road or divided road. However, instead of placing a triangle in front of the vehicle, drivers should place it between the vehicle or fallen load and the triangle behind the vehicle.

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