Slow motorists and truck bans the real problem

A leading transport consultant has hit back at a politician who complained about drivers tailgating on the Princes Freeway

Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | October 12, 2012

A leading transport consultant has hit back at complaints of drivers tailgating on the Princes Freeway, saying the focus should be on slow motorists.

John Lambert has responded to Victorian MP Ian Trezise, who claims he often sees truck drivers tailgate on the freeway during his travels.

Lambert says more needs to be done to catch those who travel below the speed limit. He also wants the ban on trucks travelling in the far right-hand lane scrapped.

"While it might be argued it is no excuse for tailgating, an equally strong argument can be put that there is no excuse for impeding other traffic, especially when you are travelling below the speed limit," Lambert says.

"It would also help if the banning of trucks from the right-hand lane was removed so that trucks pass slow-moving passenger vehicles in the left-hand and centre lanes."

Lambert wants Victoria Police to get tough on slow-moving motorists, saying officers should fine those travelling at inappropriate speeds in the centre or right-hand lanes.

"In spite of there being rules requiring drivers to travel in the left-hand lane unless overtaking, there is virtually no police or enforcement of this requirement," he says.

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