Traffic light infringements withdrawn

Notices from eight locations to be voided for vehicles travelling straight through due to faulty length of amber light phases

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | November 12, 2012

Those caught driving through red lights at eight locations in Victoria will have their infringement notices withdrawn, a traffic management watchdog says.

Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis has found the timing of amber lights at red light camera intersections in Melbourne and Geelong to be faulty as the length of amber light phases was too short for the speed limit.

The recommendation only applies to those travelling straight through the intersection and not to turning vehicles, Gordon says.

The offences occurred between 2004 and 2012.

Almost 7,000 fines worth at least $2 million will be refunded and more than 20,000 demerit points will be reinstated.

Gordon is calling on VicRoads to undertake half-yearly audits into intersections to identify any traffic light discrepancies.

He says travelling through yellow lights is a crime and is calling on the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Victoria Police to hold a campaign, informing drivers about yellow light offences.

VicRoads CEO Bruce Gidley has apologised for the faults, saying the department has completed a thorough audit of amber signal times at all red light camera intersections, which are now operating in accordance with the guidelines.

"VicRoads will now address the Commissioner’s recommendations around the ongoing auditing process for amber times at all traffic lights," Gidley says.

"As the Deputy Premier has advised, this will be a significant undertaking due to the number of traffic signals in Victoria.

"VicRoads will be working through the details of how this will occur, in conjunction with the Road Safety Camera Commissioner and the Department of Justice."

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