Petition advocates action on dangerous road

Victorian MP wants dangerous route frequently used by trucks to be upgraded

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | December 10, 2012

Victorian MP Jacinta Allan wants the Raywood-Elmore Road at Kamarooka in north Victoria widened.

She has presented to the Victorian Government a petition signed by 1,500 residents advocating urgent upgrades to the road which is a major route for trucks.

The 10km-long section is narrow and has a number of hills and crests.

"Many trucks from the north-west of the state travel to the site where the Elmore Field Days are held," Allan says.

"Because of the increased traffic, it has become a very dangerous stretch of road. Tragically, a young woman lost her life there recently."

Raywood Progress Association Vice-President Tony Cutting, who compiled the petition, says he has been lobbying for the widening of the road for 30 years.

"At the moment we are in the middle of grain harvest and the Raywood silo has been commissioned so the grain authorities have told all the farmers that they have to truck their grain to Elmore, which means they have to drive lots of trucks on that narrow and very dangerous road," Cutting says.

"The width of the seal is only wide enough for one vehicle and it has at least seven blind crests where you can’t see what’s coming on the other side."

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