Gas lobby sides with Greens on truck traffic

Gas Energy Australia highlights rising number of trucks as the need to get more heavy vehicles running on gas

February 25, 2013

Lobbying outfit Gas Energy Australia has supported the Victorian Greens’ push to review truck traffic in Melbourne’s west, arguing for the introduction of alternative fuels for trucks.

Gas Energy Australia CEO Mike Carmody believes trucks should run on gas instead of diesel to reduce the impact of exhaust emissions on residents.

The Victorian Greens last week unsuccessfully tried to pass a motion that would have looked at the impact of and cost of truck traffic on residents in the western suburbs.

The party supports shifting more freight on rail to reduce truck numbers.

"Community pressure is building to act on the pollution caused by truck traffic on Melbourne’s roads," Carmody says.

"Some estimates suggest truck traffic will double by 2025 and that means real problems for Melbourne residents and people in Maribyrnong, Footscray and other communities near major freight routes.

"Any Government road freight inquiry has to consider gas as an alternate fuel choice for heavy and commercial fleets."

Gas Energy Australia is launching a national campaign next month encouraging motorists to consider gas as a cleaner fuel choice.

CORRECTION: The original article referred to Gas Energy Australia as a gas and electricity provider. This is incorrect. It is a lobbying firm formerly known as LPG Australia.

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