Guide to improve knowledge of road rules

NSW releases guide containing the top 10 misunderstood road rules to improve motorists' awareness of their obligations

February 5, 2013

New South Wales has unveiled a new guide to help motorists improve their knowledge of road rules.

The Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules is a refresher for drivers who have not stayed up to date with changes through the years or have forgotten the details, Roads Minister Duncan Gay says.

He lists rules relating to roundabouts, giving way, mobile phone use, merging, keeping left, using headlights and fog lights, U-turns, safe following distances, school zones and yellow traffic lights as the ones most motorists get wrong.

"All drivers study the rules in preparation for getting their licence but too many then continue driving without referring back to changes and finding out about new laws," Gay says.

"Mobile phones were unheard of when many motorists got their driver’s licence but they all need to know how to use a phone legally while behind the wheel."

The Centre for Road Safety developed the guide following community feedback.

"The community told us they didn’t understand some of the changes we made last year and they also told us they were not sure about many other existing rules," Gay says.

"It’s not just important to know the rules, we actually need to follow them to keep us all moving more smoothly on the road and significantly improve road safety."

The guide can be downloaded here or picked up from any Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) registry in NSW.

The release of the guide coincides with the beginning of the inaugural Road Rules Awareness Week.

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