Survey respondents note discrimination in trucking

Comments on gender equality stand out in Transport Women Australia's survey

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | May 16, 2013

Only 6 percent of the women that participated in a survey that aims to address the lack of knowledge about females in the sector are truck drivers.

Some 29,000 women working in the transport industry responded to the Women Working in Transport – a Snapshot survey compiled by Transport Women Australia (TWA).

Nearly half of them work in administration, followed by 13.2 percent in operation, 11.9 percent in engineering and the rest in other positions.

Half of the participants come from the private sector, with companies with more than 501 employees making up the bulk of responses.

The results were released today at the Brisbane Truck Show.

TWA Chair Pam McMillan told ATN she was disappointed to see only 4.6 percent of women under the age of 25, saying more needs to be done to attract young workers.

"It surprised me that we haven’t got those young people coming in because we have been talking about the skills shortage for quite a while," McMillan says.

The majority of women are aged between 36-45 years, with only 1 percent older than 66 years.

With responses totalling 100 pages, what stood out were comments regarding gender equality in the industry.

McMillan says many reported being treated differently, leading her to say there "a fair bit of discrimination" in the industry.

"We have a long way to go," she says.

Half of the respondents come from New South Wales, followed by Victoria (19.9 percent) and Queensland (18.5 percent).

More than 80 percent of them were in full time roles.

Most of the women earn between $56,000 to $80,000, with around 8 percent paid more than $151,000.

The rest of the results will be released at the Trucking Australia conference in June.

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