Industry must make rollovers a thing of the past: VTA

VTA express dismay over number of recent truck rollovers and says cooperative approach is needed to prevent future incidents

July 12, 2013

Recent truck rollovers in Melbourne have sparked calls from the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) for industry and government to work together to prevent future incidents.

VTA CEO Neil Chambers today expressed dismay over three truck rollovers in the past 24 hours and says he is disappointed and frustrated incidents keep happening.

Truck rollovers made up 28 percent of the the 325 heavy vehicle incidents between February 2012 and June 2013.

"We have the technology and the information on how to avoid these situations, so we all have to ask ourselves what more we need to do to eliminate these incidents," Chambers says.

"We need to continue to work diligently to make truck rollovers a thing of the past. This includes transport operators, equipment suppliers, governments and indeed drivers themselves."

Chambers has put particular focus on driver behaviour, saying it can be a key measure to preventing rollovers.

"Know your vehicle, know the dynamics of your load and drive to the prevailing conditions – these are messages we must reinforce," he says.

Chambers has cited the significant cost of truck rollovers, from the loss of life to damage to vehicles, property and goods.

"Not to mention the cost on business and the community when the incidents cause roads to be blocked off and closed for hours, resulting in detours and congestion," he says.

The VTA and VicRoads joined forces to develop the Heavy Vehicle Rollover Prevention Program, which provides organisations with information to run their own training and awareness presentations for staff.

It also includes a code of behaviour for companies and drivers and information for road builders and designers.

Chambers says the upcoming Freight Week event in Melbourne will discuss roll stability systems (RSS), which monitor a truck’s stability as it approaches the rollover threshold.

Freight Week, which runs from September 2 to 6, will also have a roll stability simulator on show.

"I strongly urge any companies who have questions about safety and preventing rollovers to register to attend Freight Week," Chambers says.

"Come and find out how some companies have reduced their rollover incidence to near zero through the use of RSS systems and coordinated education campaigns."

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