Victoria Police to withdraw 20 truck fines

Roadworks signage on section of Melbourne’s Western Ring Road found to be inadequate

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | August 19, 2013

Those caught speeding on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road for a short period
in June will have their fines wiped as an investigation shows drivers have been unfairly booked.

Victoria Police will withdraw 991 fines that were issued on June 30 on the Keilor Park Drive Bridge in Keilor East by a road safety camera as not enough signs were displayed to warn drivers of speed changes.

Police say the withdrawal will affect
20 trucks.

The Road Safety Commissioner received 50 complaints which had sparked an investigation into the matter after the limit was lowered to 40km/h during road works, which saw vehicles booked incorrectly within 73 minutes.

"Upon examination of the traffic management plan used for the road works, I found that the abrupt end of traffic management, a short distance before the road safety cameras installed under the Keilor Park Drive Bridge, was the predominant cause of the large number of infringement notices being issued during this time," the Commissioner says.

"After passing the road works, both lanes were open with no further road works ahead and no further signage before the bridge to indicate that the 40kmh speed limit was still in force.

"I consider this led to the mistaken assumption by some motorists that the speed limit restrictions to 40kmh was then over and they began to accelerate to what they believed was the correct speed limit.

"It would seem that a herd mentality set in and many others followed their example."

A Victoria Police media spokesperson says those affected will instead receive an official warning.

"It was a difficult decision for Victoria Police to withdraw these matters due to the fact that some of the drivers who received infringements were recidivist with appalling traffic history and well-documented records for speeding," the spokesperson says.

"Some people have even been caught speeding since this incident.

"Victoria Police remains concerned in relation to the poor driver behaviour and excessive speed used by some motorists travelling through high risk such as road work zones.

"It is important to note that in this case, the signage did meet legal requirements and there were no errors with the speed camera itself."

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