Underpaid SA truckie receives $15k

Fair Work Ombudsman says case of underpaid truck driver shows the importance of employers keeping accurate time and wage records

October 28, 2013

The case of an underpaid truck driver in South Australia has put emphasis on the need for businesses to keep accurate time and wage records.

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) recovered $15,000 for the Murray Bridge driver after an audit revealed his employer underpaid overtime rates and failed to pay for hours worked on a public holiday over a three year period.

Fair Work says the underpayments occurred because the employer did not keep an accurate record of the hours the driver worked throughout his employment.

"We often see situations where an employer’s lack of diligent record keeping results in confusion between employers and their staff and ultimately underpayment of employees, who then lodge complaints with us," the FWO’s Natalie James says.

"Employers who fail to keep proper time-and-wages records and issue detailed pay slips to employees are at much greater risk of inadvertently underpaying their employees.

"It’s a legal requirement that pay slips be issued within 24 hours of payment and they’re vital for the employee to check for themselves that they’ve received their full entitlements."

James says the business cooperated with FWO inspectors. The driver was reimbursed all money owed without the need for further action.

"When we identify a problem and contact a business, most employers cross-check their records, realise they have made an error, and fix it immediately," James says.

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