Parkes Council sees heavy vehicle bypass as a priority

NSW council wants construction of a bypass to be made a short-term priority.


A local government in country New South Wales wants the establishment of a heavy vehicle bypass fast-tracked to reduce the number of trucks in the area.

Parkes Council has lodged a submission with the NSW Government on its draft Newell Highway Corridor Strategy, which is currently open for feedback.

The strategy is designed to address transport needs along the route and provide greater support for high productivity vehicles.

Parkes Mayor Ken Keith told ABC Radio one truck travels through the town every minute on average. He wants the construction of a bypass changed from a medium-term to a short-term priority.

"We've had a few issues coming up, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get from the east and west of Parkes across the Newell Highway," Keith told the ABC.

"If you take those trucks out of the system and put them onto a heavy vehicle bypass, then you suddenly ease-up the traffic congestion in town, let alone the safety."

Keith told the ABC the bypass can be built in a way that removes level crossings from the Newell Highway and accommodate high productivity vehicles to allow them access from Dubbo right down to the Victorian border.

Keith says the current situation of trucks travelling through the town has caused safety concerns among residents.

"One of these days a little old lady, or a little kid is going to rush out from the store and go under a big heavy vehicle. We don't want that to happen," Keith says.

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