Mack is top dog in David Burdon’s world

By: Peter Schlenk

Ask David Burdon where his brand loyalty lies and it won’t take long for him to tell you.

Mack is top dog in David Burdon’s world
Mack to the core: David Burdon has spent most of his career behind the wheel of a Mack truck.


It isn’t hard to see why David Burdon is so happy.

His job with timber harvester and hauler Clearwater Logging & Transport is varied and interesting, his daily tasks involve hanging out in the bush a lot of the time and he just happens to drive a Mack.

"I’m a Mack man. I’ve driven mostly Macks in my 37 years of driving, and this is a pretty good bulldog," he says from behind the wheel of his 1996 model Titan.

"It has a Mack 575 V8, and a Mack 18-speed T2180A heavy duty gearbox."

David’s role at the Victorian-based Clearwater is moving machinery. Clearwater has eight harvesting gangs operating throughout western Victoria and South Australia’s south-east.

During summer, most of the machinery is around Colac. In winter they move towards Flowerdale and Ballarat and west to Mount Gambier.

"It is interesting work, you don’t do the same run every day and I like the variety," David says.

"If it wasn’t this interesting I probably wouldn’t have continued doing it for so long, but with great gear, good bosses and a pure bred bulldog, I love the job."

David’s career in logging began back in Tasmania when he was 20 years old and driving for his father Reginald Burdon.

"My dad was a log carter as well, and started with him in a B61 Mack back in 1975 carting hardwood to the sawmills," he says.

David spent as much time as he could out in the forest with his dad on the logs before buying his own truck, an R Model Mack with a 285hp (212.5kW) Econodyne engine in 1978, and eventually moving to the mainland.

He enjoys the peace and tranquillity that comes with working out in the bush.

"Winter can be a bit of a nuisance, the rain, mud and slush, but you take the good with the bad," he says.

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