Melham takes ATA reins officially and sketches approach

Photography by: Brad Gardner

New CEO looks to build the awareness and effectiveness of the ATA brand

Melham takes ATA reins officially and sketches approach
Chris Melham's goal is greater recognition for the industry.


Fresh from the organisation’s annual conference in Hobart, new Australian Trucking Association (ATA) CEO Chris Melham has set out his approach to the work at hand.

Melham officially took on the role at the ATA’s Trucking Australia 2015 event in Hobart on Saturday, following a three-week handover period.

He makes plain his goal is greater recognition to the industry’s contribution to the economy, and to the Australian way of life.

"In dealing with government and industry, my credo is pride, passion and principle – having pride in our industry, passion for what we do, and the integrity to constantly work to improve both," Melham says.

"I will strive to not only protect, but build the awareness and effectiveness of the ATA brand to key stakeholders in government, industry and community circles.

"The Australian trucking industry plays a vital part in the lives of every person in our country.

"With road freight accounting for more than 70 per cent of Australia’s 2,930 million tonnes of domestic freight, and employing more than 180,000 people, heavy vehicles keep Australia moving.

"The ATA advocacy program will continue to address three key pillars – safety, productivity and viability.

"I will strongly encourage common sense discussions and real heavy vehicle national law reform, and look forward to working with government at the Federal level to assist in this area."

Melham thanks retiring CEO Stuart St Clair for his "enormous contributions over the past nine years".

"The legacy and footprint that you have left on the ATA and the industry will not be forgotten, and I will strive to build upon it," he says.

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