Truck registration fees to rise in NSW on July 1

Fees will rise, despite claims the trucking industry will be overcharged.

Truck registration fees to rise in NSW on July 1
A nine-axle B-double will cost $15,050 to register in New South Wales from July 1.


The NSW Government has announced a 0.6 per cent increase to heavy vehicle registration charges for the 2016 financial year.

The decision means an owner of a nine-axle B-double will be charged $15,050, up $89 from the 2015 registration charge.

Multi-combination prime movers will be charged up to $10,866 for the year.

The rise is in line with the National Transport Commission’s (NTC’s) recommendation, but was opposed by the Australian Transport Association (ATA), which had urged state transport ministers to freeze registration charges at 2015 levels.

It argues that the industry continues to be overcharged nationally because the model underestimates the number of trucks that contribute to road funding through registration charges.

"The NTC recognises that the model is flawed, but Australia’s state and territory transport ministers have not yet implemented [its] options for changing it," the ATA’s submission to the NTC’s research says.

"As a result, the model is still being used to develop flawed heavy vehicle charges, with more than 50,000 heavy vehicles on Australia’s roads missing from the 2015-16 calculations."

The ATA says if the 0.6 per cent occurs nationally, the industry will be overcharged by $117 million in 2015-16.

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