Easy does it for Stein in the Volvo FH

By: Peter Schlenk, Photography by: Peter Schlenk

Freemantle From left Graeme Freemantle Mary Heddell and Stein Seterdal From left, Graeme Freemantle, Mary Heddell and Stein Seterdal Freemantle From left Graeme Freemantle Mary Heddell and Stein Seterdal
Freemantle truck Freemantle Stock Feeds’ Volvo prime movers are colour coordinated with the Krueger tautliner trailers. Freemantle truck
Freemantle truck2 Freemantle Stock Feeds has three Volvo FH models in its fleet. Freemantle truck2
Freemantle truck3 Freemantle Stock Feeds’ impressive logo. Freemantle truck3

Long-time truck driver Stein Seterdal believes the comfort of the Volvo FH is like a transition to retirement.


According to evergreen truck driver Stein Seterdal, getting behind the wheel of a near-new Volvo for Freemantle Stock Feeds is like semi-retirement.

After 30 years of spending weeks on the road and driving to every state in Australia, Stein now gets around in an FH — plus he gets to sleep in his own bed at home almost every night.

The central Victorian-based Freemantle Stock Feeds counts three Volvo FH models among its fleet.

Stein has experienced driving Detroit-powered Kenworths up to the K104 models, as well as Scanias and Freightliner Argosys, but now he’s sold on the Volvo.

"I don’t think the K104s come close. These are magnificent," Stein says.

"It’s just like driving a motor car. Wverything is at my fingertips — and such comfort. I love this truck."

Stein’s boss, Graeme Freemantle, trialled three European brands — Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo — and decided on Volvo as the best value for money.

"This makes my life easier because we travel all over Victoria and average 700km to 800km a day," Stein says.

"I get out feeling fresh and not tired at all whereas the old Kenworth just used to rattle me around."

Indeed, Stein says you cannot beat the Volvo when it comes to comfort.

"This is so easy to drive, the safety aspects of the vehicle are just unbelievable. It has a driver’s side airbag and a crush-proof driver’s zone," he says.

The Volvos pull 48ft (14.6m) tautliners, with the regular runs including as far west as Mount Gambier in South Australia and north to Albury-Wodonga.

"I only get to use the bunk once every month," Stein says.

"When I go to Orbost, a 14-hour logbook doesn’t get me there and back in a day.

"It’s not a big bunk but it’s big enough to have a decent night’s sleep in."

Comfort-wise, he says you can’t beat the Volvo.

Stein anticipates driving for another 10 years and likes to think Freemantle Stock Feeds will be his final port of call.

"Graeme is a good boss to work for," Stein says.

"It’s just like working for a big family."

You can read the full story in the July edition of Owner//Driver magazine.

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